How long does it take to get my purchase?

- Usually about 2-5 minutes. If it does not show up on your account in 30 minutes then come to our TeamSpeak (ts.gaminglight.com) and speak with a support staff.

What does this money go towards?

- Running servers is certainly not cheap. This money goes towards server costs as well as costs to improve our servers to keep them fresh and fun!

If I have supporter on Gaminglight Garry's Mod, do I get anything on here?

- Supporter is only for the Garry's Mod part of Gaminglight. In the future, we might release something similar on here but it will not be linked to Garry's Mod.

I had VIP on the old Rust server, do I get that on here?

- VIP on the old Rust server was by month as well. Those all expired before we shut down the Rust server before.

Can I have a refund for my purchase since I don't play anymore/got banned?

- No. Due to the unique nature of our digital items we cannot offer any full/partial refunds. Gaminglight holds a good reputation with PayPal and Stripe and they know our policies and uphold them.